Operating Authority

Who should apply for a Saskatchewan Operating Authority Certificate?
All persons operating commercial or business use vehicles that are:

  • based in Saskatchewan and registering in Class PB for the purposes of transporting passengers for-hire within or outside of Saskatchewan; and
  • based in other provinces and are transporting passengers for-hire within Saskatchewan.

All Operating Authority Certificate holders who will be base-plated in Saskatchewan must have an established place of business in Saskatchewan. To apply for Operating Authority Certificate, please fill out this form.

All Saskatchewan-based carriers registering vehicles equipped to transport more than 10 persons including the driver will be required to obtain a National Safety Code (NSC) Number and will be subject to the Carrier Profile and Compliance Review Programs. The NSC will be issued at the time the vehicle is registered for a cost of $175.00. The Saskatchewan Trucker’s Guide is available on the Department of Highways and Transportation's website for your review.

A complete application consists of:

  • A completed application for the Saskatchewan Operating Authority Certificate (review all parts of this package). Please note that the Certificate of Insurance (Form C1-1) is not required at this time. The Highway Traffic Board will be in contact with you after the due date for filing of opposition.
  • Prescribed filing fee in the amount of $180 (new application) or $35 (amendment to an existing Operating Authority Certificate).
  • Support forms (a minimum of three support forms).
  • If applicable, attach a copy of your current Carrier Profile and Safety Rating.
  • If applicable, proof of registration of your company with the Corporations Branch of the Saskatchewan Department of Justice. For information on registration, please contact 306- 787-2962. Please forward a copy of the Saskatchewan Certificate of Registration to this office
    when you receive it.
  • All extra-provincial carriers must submit a copy of their existing Operating Authority.
  • The Board shall publish a notice in the Gazette describing the application and fixing a date, not less than 21 days from the date of publication of the notice, within which notices of opposition to the application may be filed.

Notices of opposition shall be filed with the Board. In the event that the Board receives any notice of opposition to the application, the Board shall hold a public hearing unless:

  • the applicant withdraws or abandons his/her application;
  • all persons who have filed notices of opposition to the application withdraw the notices; or
  • no notices of opposition have been filed.

The following must be filed before an Operating Authority Certificate can be issued:

  • Proof of adequate insurance coverage as per The Motor Carrier Act and The Motor Carrier Conditions of Carriage Regulations. Insurance certificates properly completed by insurance company Head Office officials. Certificates completed by agents, representatives or brokers will not be accepted.

Please contact the Highway Traffic Board if you have any questions:

Phone: 306-798-0147
Toll-Free: 1-855-775-8336 Extension 0147
Fax: 306-798-0162

Failure to provide the prescribed filing fee, completed application form and a minimum of three completed support forms will result in our office returning the application to the applicant unprocessed.

Note: Carriers who have obtained an Operating Authority Certificate and are registering their PB plated vehicles in the International Registration Plan (Pro-rate) will be required to complete an application package for a Saskatchewan Safety Fitness Certificate.

The applications are available by contacting IRP Registration Plan Issuing Services at:

Phone: 306-751-1250
Toll-Free: 1-800-667-8015 Extension 1250

Operating Authority Regulations

Rev: 1.1